V8 Choppers | History
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Redefining An Era

V8 Choppers is a unique company with strong values. Defined not just by the products produced but also by our ideals of how a business should interact with its customers. Our values of high excellence are intertwined through our products and the relationships we cultivate. As a result, V8 Choppers has committed itself to a higher standard of core principles and elements within the industry, regardless what others do.




We engineer all parts with the best quality materials available and assemble all materials with the finest of care. The products we produce are much more than just motorcycles, they are expressions of you.

With benchmark performance and unique style matched by none, it’s easy to understand why the ‘Product Element’ is one of the three core elements. We know poor quality far outweighs the perceptions of a reduced price tag.

Quality & Performance

It is thanks to a team that devotes complete dedication to all aspects of products that we are able to have sustainability in such a vast market. The result of this defines our ‘Performance Element’ and cultivates the pairing of high performance with dependability that customers deserve.